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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review 75: Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

Review 75
Atwater Vanilla Java Porter: 6.0% abv

Since we've been trying quite a few porters lately, we went on and got another one. Clearly, we're just unorganized and posting our reviews out of order, but just don't pay attention to the dates. You want to be a Michigan company supporter? Well here it is. Atwater is a brewery in the Detroit riverside district. Help our spirits economy and buy local beers. Just make sure its the good ones. This is a light porter, classic to the idea that porters should be the lighter cousins of stouts, but maybe this is the lighter, younger, weaker, nerdier cousin, because it sure lacks in a lot of areas, albeit the nose is moderately complex. 

It will give you those coffee and vanilla classics, with some nice mocha, toffee, caramel, butterscotch, and creamy milk notes as well. Taste-wise, you get a different story. The arrival starts with an intriguing tartness, and includes some mixed berries. It barrels into a pool of water though. As in, the taste is noticeably watery. The taste has those three classic stout characters that we love so very very much, and mention even more. Coffee, caramel, and vanilla. 

We should make an acronym for it to speed things up: CCV. Genius. For all of those brewers out there, take notes. To close out the taste, there is a nice milk chocolate note present, but it isn't well represented, because of how watery it is in body. The finish...CCV. That's it. It's medium long, but sort of boring, to be honest. The breakdown then, is that this beer fills its shoes, but those shoes have holes in the bottoms. It's a nice lighter dark beer to help those trying to enter the world of stouts, but don't expect it to be more then a light drinker, and we thought that was what lagers were for. 


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