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KCM Spirit Reviews and Tastings is still in development, but there are several services that KCM is developing for readers to indulge in.

KCM Spirit Reviews is located in Kalamazoo, MI, and does not have an office. We are happy to offer presentation services for tastings for both personal and store applications. Because this service is still being developed, KCM doesn't have cement details. This could be an ideal opportunity to employ a tasting for personal parties and other occasions, as well as promoting store start-ups.

We also intend to start consulting for event bar stocking, like weddings and large gatherings. This could potentially grow as a service into a much more in depth level, allowing a KCM specialist to provide all the services in setting up a premium, unique, aesthetically pleasing bar configuration.

Finally, KCM would be happy to write reviews for local stores and restaurants, as well as offer training for inexperienced sales forces and bartenders. We want to encourage local businesses to thrive and have the support of consumers. Our focus, be reminded, is to teach others to be knowledgeable about the fine points of spirits, and to some extent other alcoholic beverages. We believe that knowledge leads to success and true respect for quality, complexity, and history can help a sales force or consumer base much more loyal and valuable, and makes a business more respectable and marketable.

For more information on these services, if you're in the Michigan or northern Ohio or Indiana regions, please email us at


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