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KCM Spirit Reviews was created in March of 2012 as a standalone project for two gentlemen to learn more about spirits and record their findings. This instantly evolved with our first review (Four Roses Small Batch bourbon) into an exploration of multiple alcoholic beverages, and simply learning to better understand the tastes and impressions of alcohol. Our initial goal was to teach ourselves and to write about it. KCM started on one Facebook account and turned into a Facebook page, where others could reflect on and enjoy the things that we were discovering at the same time. There was an increased demand for people to access KCM, so we have decided to move this onto a blog. And here we are.

We started with a primary focus on beer for the first half of its life, but we've been exploring many different spirits and beers, with less focus on wine. The appeal that we present at KCM is that we try to focus on tasting notes and descriptions that the reader can relate to, no matter what their level of experience is. This doesn't mean that we are sitting at home drinking Burnett's vodka on our off time and just throwing darts at a list of tasting notes. We've spent several years learning about alcohols and continue to do so.

KCM rates everything on a quarter point scale. In our first 100 reviews, we rated off of a half point scale to force ourselves to not over-complicate our reviews. Even still, we promote a philosophy of simple review styles, where most of the tasting notes are easy to understand and relatable, and that we don't go into large precision decimal places where nobody can truly understand the rating (i.e. 9.1231553/10.0000000).

We also love feedback. We're trying to create an open forum for people to tell us what they think, and to teach us more. In the end KCM seeks to promote learning to less experienced drinkers and hopes to find teaching from more experienced drinkers. We'd also like to include references to other sources of advice, like

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