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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review 57: New Holland Farmhouse Hatter

Review 57
New Holland Farmhouse Hatter: 5.8% abv

Today is the day. If you like IPAs and PAs, go around and find something New Holland and enjoy. Today, we have a farmhouse IPA, which New Holland will tell you is a refreshing beverage to enjoy while you're working on the farm. So for all you farmers out there, we want to help you decide whether this is the beer for you. Here are the answers. 

On the nose, we were surprised to find fresh mint at the front of the smell, along with pine, apple, pear, light lemon rind, brown sugar, ginger, herbal incense, honeydew, honey and a bourbon-like vanilla smell. The smell is the most unique of the New Holland line Mad Hatter line. The taste is also incredibly unique, showing basil, mint, citrus, honey, molasses, earthy, orange and lemon on the arrival, malty, green apple, and just zesty in taste. 

The finish is medium-short, having honey, basil, slight smokiness, what, malt, mint, green apple, and slight dryness. It's unfortunate that the finish is so short, because this unique statement by New Holland is amazing. Besides the shortness of the finish, this beer is worth every penny. Highly recommended. 

Score: 9.5/10

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