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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review 73: Glenmorangie The Original

Review 73
Glenmorangie The Original: 43% abv

This is a single malt Scotch, and one of the better 10 year old Scotches on the market. And when we start introducing more Scotches as reviews, we will try to make it very evident that there is indeed a correct pronunciation and most people screw that up. Glenmorangie is pronounced like an orange would be: like Glen-M-Orange-ee. At ten years, any Scotch is young, as a Scotch tends to mature fully at about 25 years of aging. So how does such a young Scotch compare to the rest? 

Well, on the nose, you get sweet aromas of honey, pear, white grape, molasses, and a sugary character. We also noted an odd presence of agave that you might find in a tequila, but it was faint. Now the taste, that become more complex, citing vanilla notes, malt, honey, wheat, slight mixed berries, light melon character, and hints of creaminess and spiciness to compliment the rest of it. 

The taste is fantastic, but still lacking in the deep complexity you'd expect from a quality Scotch. It is younger though, so it doesn't absorb all the oak character that it should, but retains a certain youthful freshness to it. The finish contains honey, agave, ginger, apple, some sweet maple notes, cherry and even some almonds as well. The finish is long and enjoyable, and we really liked basking in it's complexity and presence. This is a young Scotch, but it's one of the best, fighting 10 year olds like Macallan with a lot of flavor and presence.

Score: 9.0/10

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