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Monday, January 14, 2013

Review 133: Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Review 133
Rogue Dead Guy Ale: 6.5% abv

Background: Rogue is a brewery in Oregon. The bottle will tell you “It Glows!”. They’re talking about the bottle with this one, so don’t think you’re drinking something radioactive. Yes, we did in fact check to see if the beer glowed in the dark, and no, we aren’t the most gullible people in the world. This is obviously an ale, with a sort of orange-ish color.

Nose: Malt, orange citrus, wheat, honey, pineapple, hops, dry old wood
Arrival: Barley, wheat, light fruit, crisp fruit, citrus
Body: Barley, wheat, smidge of honey, crisp fruit
Finish: Barley, wheat, dry light hops, pine, slight lemon, citrus

Final Comments: You might be able to tell by the list of these notes that there is not a whole lot to this beer. That is absolutely true. That does not make this a terrible beer. It is actually a pleasant beer to drink, and has a refreshing summer taste to it. Therefore, it could be that drink you sit on your back porch and sip on when you want a beer like an Oberon, but perhaps less hoppy and pretty dominantly grainy. This won’t appease the IPA lovers out there and it certainly won’t keep you in your seat thinking, but you could very well enjoy this as a pool-side brew.

Why you’d buy it: You’ve graduated from drinking Bud Lite
Why you wouldn’t: You enjoy beer that makes you think

Score: 7.5/10

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