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Friday, January 18, 2013

Review 134: Jolly Pumpkin Oro De Calabaza

Review 134
Jolly Pumpkin Oro De Calabaza: 8% abv

Background: Jolly Pumpkin is a brewery which as several locations in Michigan, including Traverse City, Ann Arbor, and Dexter. Jolly Pumpkin is known for their “sour” beers, which might sound odd to you if you’re new to the beer world. Otherwise, you’re familiar with this. We have reviewed a few sour beers with little favorability, so this golden ale should be an interesting test for us.

Nose: Complex, lemon, honey, apple, fruit, tart, cantaloupe, wheat, blackberry tart, vanilla bean, parsley, greens, pink grapefruit, slight rosemary, strawberry, light green grapes.
Arrival: Tart, sour, tangy, sour apple, apple (honey crisp), bitterness, buttery, lime
Body: Grapefruit, sour, honey, lemon, crisp, vanilla, golden wheat, peach, pear
Finish: Caramel, grape skin (green), golden wheat, bitter, grapefruit, blackberries (un-ripened), pear, peach, lemon-lime, medium-short finish

Final Comments: We found this beer to have an inviting, complex nose that was well balanced, tart, bitter, and sour. It could be described as unique and inviting. This is a moderately complex beer, but it really shines in its uniqueness. This is a great introduction into beers for non-beer drinkers, and this is probably our most favored sour beer we’ve tried thus far.

Why you’d buy it: You are interested in tart, fruity flavors, or just want to try something out of the ordinary
Why you wouldn’t: You tried one to many of those warhead candies when you were younger and now you have post-sour-trauma.

Score: 9.0/10

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