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Friday, August 24, 2012

Review 92: Round Barn Oak-Aged IPA

Review 92
Round Barn Oak-Aged IPA: 6.75% abv

Round Barn. It’s another Michigan brewery. Interestingly, though, it is also a distillery. As we focus more on liquors, and not just beers, we might look to local distilleries to provide their take on classic spirits like rum, whiskey and tequila. For now though, let’s see if Round Barn, one of the smaller Breweries on Michigan’s map, has what it takes in such a cut-throat world of Michigan Brewery excellence. Located in Southwest Michigan (Baroda), edging towards Indiana, Round Barn offers several different brews, and today we wanted to see what they could do with some oak. I can’t tell you much on Round Barn’s process, or the oak they use, but KCM will tell you everything you need to know about the beer itself. 

We were encouraged by the alcohol content, but as a precursor, don’t be encouraged by the alcohol content. But let’s start with the nose. The nose contains fruity notes, and not much else, of pineapple, lemon, pear, and a light white grape scent. Not going to waste your time explaining that this wasn’t an encouraging or complex smell. It just wasn’t. 

The taste doesn’t do much different. It can be described as watery, to say the least, but also includes pine, pear in the arrival, lemon and a slight earthy woody feel. This disappoints, but let’s not sell them short...or let’s. The finish is medium short, and no, we’re not rusty. There is just about only bitterness to it. Maybe grapefruit, maybe pine, but all brought together to show off some bitterness. In some ways it’s bad, in other ways, it’s not good. This went down in history as our shortest review ever. And for good reason. I wouldn’t personally suggest buying it, unless you’re into supporting small Michigan Breweries. 

Score: 5.0/10

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