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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review 34: Konig Ludwig Weissbier

Review 34
K├Ânig Ludwig Weissbier: 5.5% abv

Alright, so I'm going to try and stay positive, but this was really a demoralizing way to start with a restart to the beer reviews. It was interesting enough looking, but definitely not what I would call "the best" of all beers. Some of our panel of beer testers were not happy with the results. Here's the notes. On the nose, there's champagne, grapes, honey, apple, wheat, strawberry and extra fruitiness. It was a light nose, and seemed a little sweet for our taste. On the tasting notes, there aren't many. Probably because the best note there was was water. Although there were hints of caramel, wheat, apple, molasses and slight ginger, water overtook everything. For this price, nobody is paying to drink water. The finish is short, with apple and molasses, along with an unpleasant metallic character to it. Not worth the money, not a good beer, and not worth my time. Don't bother with it. 
Score: 2.5/10

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