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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review 177: Lunazul Reposado

Review 177
Lunazul Reposado: 40% abv

Background: Well before doing any research on this, I’d just like to make the statement that I don’t plan on being able to find much information on Lunazul. And hey, I’m right. At least we get a few facts to go off of. First fact: Lunazul is a pretty young product, being introduced in 2002. They are made by the Tierra de Agave distillery in Tequila, Mexico. This tequila is made from 100% pure blue agave, resting in old bourbon barrels for 6 months. Their Anejo tequila sits in the barrel for 12-18 months. Lunazul sits among some of the more reasonably priced tequilas in the world, and do not take much effort in identifying themselves as unique. But maybe the only thing they need to say is in the bottle. Let’s find out.


Nose:  The first thing to notice about the nose is there is a distinctive note of fruitiness that comes through, with a hint of vanilla complimenting it. There is some blueberry and strawberry present with a small aroma of melon layered on top. Among some of the other fruit flavors, banana and orange balance in the glass as subtle additions to the nose. There is a very interesting note of tobacco coming through, with some moderate brininess. There are intense notes of lemon and lime that come through fresh and crisp, bringing liveliness to the nose. In addition, a mild since of white wine comes to mind. There is clearly some agave that comes through, but it isn’t over-dominant. There is a slightly solventy note to the end.

Arrival: This is certainly dynamic, but I’ll reserve myself to the arrival for the arrival section of the review. We noticed a mellow, dry, vanilla-like arrival, with slight hints of fruit and agave creeping into the beginning. Lime shows up, not much to our surprise, in the arrival. There is a bit of strawberry as a lingering taste in the arrival, but almost like a strawberry yogurt.

Body: The body, after letting the arrival set in, is explosive to say the least. A hot sense of black pepper and spiciness come through in the body, still being very dry and intense. There is a bitter, earthy flavor that becomes dominant in the later part of the body. There is something of a pineapple flavor that sits in this part of the tequila.
Finish: The finish is surprising, like young, fresh grainy spirit, unaged. There is some mint and herbal notes. The finish is peppery, with some creaminess and lime. The finish is not particularly long when it comes to full flavor, but it lingers for a while on just a suggestion of its former self. The finish seems to be the least complex in the event.

With Water

Nose: The nose reflects a lot more alcohol coming through the smell, but does smell a bit sweeter as well. The prominence of the alcohol is blocking off some of the other smells, which makes for not a whole lot of brilliant observations. There is a bit of confectionary sugar and dry wood that becomes evident later in the nose.

Arrival: There is a sense of apple showing up in the arrival, followed by some bitterness and earthiness.

Body: The body is still relatively spicy, although shorter and not as intense. There is some sense of cayenne that comes through, but builds more into the finish. The agave in the body is still pretty intense, but fades off quickly.
Finish: The finish is hotter than before, probably due to the taste of cayenne. It is not to say that this is because of rough alcohol, it is simply a taste profile that’s becoming prevalent. There is some graininess that resides within the finish, but it tastes a little bit different than before.

Final Comments: This is definitely a solid tequila, but it was by no means revolutionary. We liked the fact that it offered some intense notes, a little bit of variety, but not a whole lot of complexity or depth. So without much analysis, this is an easy one to disposition. For not very much money, it’s drinkable. Going back to the statement at the beginning of the review about if they’ve made a statement about themselves in the bottle, I don’t really think they have. Like many tequilas, this one just sits on the shelf next to the twenty five other brands at the same price with the same advertising: “So smooth, you don’t even know you aren’t drinking water”. It’s a shame we don’t do more to encourage uniqueness and intensity of flavor.
Why you’d buy it: You were looking for tequila

Why you wouldn’t: You weren’t looking for tequila

Score: 7.75/10

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