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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review 146: Right Brain CEO Stout

Review 146
Right Brain CEO Stout: 5.5% abv

Background: Right Brain is the brewery we’re talking about today. Why? Because we reviewed it, that’s why. The guy who owns Right Brain Brewery will tell you a nice story about how he named his brewery. The gentleman in question to a test in high school to determine whether or not he was a “right-brained” thinker or not, and his teacher told him he took it wrong, seeing as he was the only one in the class who was right-brained. So he named his brewery to spite his teacher. Right Brain Brewery is in Traverse City, and they will tell you that they don’t have a boring beer they make. KCM accepts the challenge.

Nose: Coffee, vanilla, woody, chocolate/fudge, malt, brown sugar, mild grain and earthy notes
Arrival: Slightly bitter, earthy coffee, cocoa, light, slight tartness, blackberries, wheaty
Body: Wheat, malt, cocoa, coffee, vanilla, slightly watery
Finish: Vanilla, coffee, wheat, cocoa, slight berry sweetness

Final Comments: There was unanimous decision that there is nothing exciting about this beer among our panel. It isn’t an imperial stout, but a nice 6% stout doesn’t have to be watery. This one is, and it is a shame. The arrival starts off with some interesting characteristics to it, albeit a little on the translucent side, but by the time the body comes on, your hopes for an engaging, exciting experience jam packed with flavor have disappeared. There is a hint of unique flavor coming through in the beer, but to our frustration they’re overshadowed by the holey nature of water in the flavor. That’s not to say you won’t enjoy this beer, it’s just that we can think of a few beers for the same price that are so much bigger in flavor.

Why you’d buy it: You like sticking it to the man, which in this case is the founder’s high school teacher.

Why you wouldn’t: Dragon’s Milk

Score: 7.5/10

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