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Monday, February 11, 2013

Review 140: Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist Stout

Review 140
Epic Brewing Company Exponential Series Big Bad Baptist Stout: 11.4%

Background: It’s easy to forget how young the microbrewery boom is, and man is it a boom. We wanted to look outside of Michigan, where a lot of the strong microbreweries are cropping up and jump all the way to Utah. What’s in Utah? Epic Brewing Company. They aren’t the only ones who go by this name, but the other brewing scene is in New Zealand so let’s avoid that for the sake of simplicity. This group is from 2008, and as of 2010 they have 9 fermenters and that means more capacity. This would be exciting for any business. I wouldn’t mind having a few fermenters myself! So a little more about the beer, you might want to hear. Sounds like Epic’s Exponential Series is a little more experimental, sitting alongside the Classic Series and Elevated Series. Sure enough, this particular stout is not just an off the line stout. It is brewed with cocoa nibs and coffee beans. It also sits in the Imperial region with the longest title ever and a whopping 11% abv. 

Nose: Cocoa, coffee, vanilla, dry wood, sawdust, malt, dark, rich, apple, raisons, brown sugar, earthy, light tobacco, chocolate, nutmeg
Arrival: Creamy, light, easy, modest crispness, mellow, vanilla, caramel, coffee, apple
Body: Coffee, frothy mouthfeel, oak, chocolate, crisp apple, vanilla, wheat, slight berry notes
Finish: Cherry sweetness, chocolate, mocha coffee, slight hops, heavy cream, wheat

Final Comments: So with a slight earthiness and a huge, frothy creaminess to it, this is an interesting stout, but what comes across as an interesting experiment turns into an over-powering amount of coffee and cocoa influence. This is a complex enough beer, but it is robbed by the domination of the coffee flavors. The gentle character of this stout does fool you into forgetting that you’re dealing with an Imperial bad boy here, and if that’s the kind of thing you like, here’s your winner.

Why you’d buy it: You’re a coffee drinker who likes soft stouts

Why you wouldn’t: You want to get more out of your beer than coffee.

Score: 8.25/10

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